QC Profile


Material Quality Control


As we all know, paper is difficult to store for a long time because it is easy to be damp. We customize fresh paperboard materials for each order to ensure the high quality of paper. And the paper materials we use are eco friendly,recycled abel, and are certified by SGS to be free of heavy metals.


We use eco friendly inks,low VOC,and certified by SGS. 


Specially equipped with high-quality glue, high viscosity and long-lasting. It has been tested that the corrugated boxes produced by us will not be degummed within 3 years under normal conditions.The glue we use is certified by SGS, not contain heavy metals, low VOC, and comply with Rohs standards



Print Quality Control

Before printing, repeatedly proofread the color design drawings to ensure accuracy. Multiple sampling inspections during printing,adjust immediately if any questions.



Online Checking

When producing, QC will follow up the working line,adjust immediately if any questions.



Final Checking

Checking the final packaging, take out the rejects, cleaning and packing the final ones.



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